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Holiday Pajamas for Mama & Littles

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Gingerbread Pajamas (Girl Sizes & Toddler Sizes) / Cuddle & Kind Dolls

Holiday pajamas are always something we look forward to! My Mom always bought my brother and I a new pair of holiday pajamas and we always opened them on Christmas Eve. Fortunately for my girls, I have no chill and need them to wear all the festive jammies as soon as they arrive on our door step! I scooped up these adorable gingerbread pjs from Gap this year and was SO excited that they were available in both girl & toddler sizes! I have a full rundown of the pjs the girls will be wearing this winter, along with a pair I ordered for myself-  I figured Mrs. Claus deserves to be comfy & cozy too! 

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