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Friday Favorites: Isla's Birthday & Valentine's Day Edt.

Friday, February 15, 2019

This week I'm counting down our top FIVE moments from the week! It was a big week at our house, sweet Isla Rose turned ONE and we celebrated one of my favorite holidays, Valentine's Day!

ONE: Isla Rose turns one! We spent the day doing all of Isla's favorite things, dance parties to Baby Shark, swimming at the YMCA, tacos for dinner and at least 25 crawls up the stairs, I think it was the perfect way to celebrate our sweet girl, we love her so much! On Monday I also posted "My Wishes" for Isla, you can read that here: Isla Rose is One.

Isla's Strawberry Swimsuit (Target)

"One Donut" Balloons (Etsy

TWO: We LOVE celebrating Valentine's Day, I know it's not for everyone, but I'm all for a day thats all about spreading a little extra love. Bring on the candy, pink, glitter, heart everything, I love it all. Scott woke up early and cooked his ladies pancakes, had flowers waiting for us and even got the girls a few goodies. The girls and I enjoyed one of our favorite activities, Fearless Moms and had one of Avery's friends over for a play date after, it was the perfect afternoon! We ended the day with our annual heart shaped pizza.

Little Lady's Dresses (Target) / Hair Bows (One Stop Bow Shop & Amazon)

THREE: Emmy and Avery started up a new session of gymnastics, Emmy's first time in class by herself! Their two classes run at the same time and are pretty small, so for the first class they combined and it was SO cute to watch them in class together. It gave Emmy so much confidence to have her big sister by her side, it was so sweet!

Gymnastic Leotards (Amazon)

FOUR: We reached 100 DAYS on our Disney countdown, we seriously can't wait to head back to Disney World in a few months. I shared some of the Disney gear I had my eye on a few weeks ago and I'm still watching for a Hanna Anderson sale to grab that adorable dress and swimsuit! Speaking of Disney gear, do you have a favorite Etsy shop to buy personalized Disney gear? I would love to get something monogrammed for the little ladies!

FIVE: On the blog this week I shared the easiest DIY from Isla's birthday party, the donut wall! It was such a fun, functional and tasty piece of decor, you can read that post here: Quick & Easy $10 Donut Wall. I also linked-up with Shay and Erika for their "Let's Look" series and posted about some of our favorite books, you can read that post here: Let's Look... Favorite Reads.

That's a wrap for this week, we have a fairly quiet weekend ahead, which I am VERY happy about! What's on your agenda for the weekend!? Enjoy the time with your family and I hope to see you back here next week, I'll be sharing all of the details from Isla's birthday party, I can't wait to show you more pictures, take care!

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  1. Your baby is edible! That picture of her diving into the cake? Beyond precious! Happy Happy- that heart shaped pizza is everything too- have a great weekend Brittany! :)

  2. I love this round up of favorites! I'm definitely storing away that doughnut DIY, for suuure. Your husband sounds like the sweetest guy! Ugh men with daughters. I can't. Oooh Disney is going to be so fun! I went on a girls trip to Disney in November with some of my best friends and loved it so much. Can't wait to follow along when you guys are there!

    1. A girls trip to Disney, that sounds like so much fun! Did you do the "drink around the world" at Epcot!? I think that sounds like so much fun, even though I can't really hang like that anymore, ha!

    2. It was so fun. It wasn't even something we necessarily planned, it kind of fell into our lap (we tagged along with my friend's mom who was there for a work conference and got us lodging and all that at no cost to us!), but it ended up being incredibly fun and now we want to plan something every year.

      I can't hang either and I don't have children and am 27 years old (meaning...I should be able to hang haha). We definitely did drink though. Not a crazy amount but enough to get tipsy. Especially in Paris. Those frozen martini drinks are not a joke. Highly recommend.

    3. Sounds like SO much fun! I couldn't hang when I was 27 without kids either, much prefer sweatpants and Netflix, ha. I can't wait to try all the yummy goodies in Disney- and yes I'll enjoy an adult beverage or two as well!