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Little Ladies Valentine's Day Looks

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It's no secret that the Snyder girls LOVE to dress according to the holiday! We especially love holiday p.j.'s and recently my girls have really loved to collect ALL the holiday jewels. I thought it would be fun to round up a few different Valentine's Day inspired outfits for girls, toddlers and babies! I can hardly believe that I can shop in ALL three girl sections at any given store.

First up, your older little ladies! Avery is actually wearing this exact outfit to school today, however she accessorizes herself and lives by the motto "more is more." She also prefers to wear nightgowns and I think these heart nightgowns are just about the cutest thing ever.

Next, we can't forgot those sweet little toddlers, our most precious Valentine's of all ;) Emerson is very into wearing dresses, so I knew this little swing dress from Target would be a win! Sweet girl also likes to wear nightgowns over her regular pajamas, so I know she will love the nightgowns as well! I really love the grey Old Navy nightgown with rainbow hearts and bonus, it's currently $10!

Finally, for the littlest love in our house! This will actually be Isla's second Valentine's Day, she was born on the eleventh of February, so I wasn't shopping for any of the "My First" type outfits this year. When I stumbled upon the Gymboree sweatsuit and the little Gap peplum sweater I just couldn't resist! Isla has SO many hand me downs, it's fun to get her a few new things now and again!

*Bonus! I've included some of our favorite Valentine's Day books, Scott and I typically get the girls a new book each year to add to the collection. Here are some of our favorites.

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Have a wonderful day and happy Valentine's shopping for your love bugs!


  1. Just started following you on Insta. My handle is @hsbreton ...anyway...LOVE all of the Valentine outfits...my girls are going to be totally all about these in a few weeks...I haven't been into Target in awhile but I know they always have the cutest little holiday outfits and accessories so that is a good excuse right? :) Holly @ Pink Lady

    1. Hey again Holly! YES any excuse to go to Target, they have the cutest St. Patrick's Day sweatshirt out for girls now too and seriously that dollar spot makes me spend a lot more then a DOLLAR ;) Happy Weekend!

  2. Oh my heavens I love it all! So dang cute!

    1. Hey Jessi- seriously Target is the BEST when it comes to seasonal clothes and I'm such a sucker for festive outfits!