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Let's Celebrate: Easter Looks and Books

Monday, April 1, 2019

If you're new around here, hello, welcome, I'm a self proclaimed holiday addict and I love making the holidays special for my little ladies! Wearing festive clothes and reading holiday books are just two of the ways we like to celebrate the holidays. Take a peek at some of our favorite bunny inspired outfits and add some of these books to your library list, or better yet, Prime them right to your front door, Hoppy Easter!

First up, looks for the older girlies, Target is always our first stop when it comes to holiday gear! It's always adorable and better yet, affordable. Avery LOVES bunnies in general, so she really loves all the adorable bunny graphic prints and leggings. Here are some of our favorite Easter looks: 

Next up, the little ladies! Another reason why I love Target is that the Cat & Jack line typically has coordinating pieces for the big girls and little girls. It just makes it extra adorable to have a matching sister moment during the holiday. Here are some of our favorite Easter looks for the babes: 

Finally, some of our favorite Easter books, they all belong in our library and we love to cuddle up and read them before bed. My girls each have a favorite and I love to add a new title or two each Easter. 

I hope this post has left you feeling festive and ready for a little Easter fun, have a great day friends!

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