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What's Up Wednesday: January 2019

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I'm so excited to participate in my very first What's Up Wednesday, hosted by two of my favorite bloggers Shay at Mix & Match Mama and Sheaffer at Sheaffer Told Me To! I have been reading their blogs and this link-up series for a long time and now I get to write my very own post to add-in, woo hoo! 

What's Up Wednesday

1: What we are Eating
This past week we tried two different equally delicious recipes, Mix & Match Mama's Mom's Meatloaf and Enchilada Chili. The Enchilada Chili was SO easy to make and makes for the best lunch leftovers, I highly suggest trying that recipe out next week. I also shared my week two meal planning post with printable shopping list, you can read that post here: What's Cookin'- Meal Plan Week 2

What's Cookin': Meal Plan Week 2

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

How are you doing with Meal Planning friends!? Can I make it easier on you next week!? I'm on a roll with meal planning, I've stuck to it now for TWO whole weeks (slow clap). Hey, it's only two weeks, but you gotta start somewhere! I'm ready to share Week 2 of my meal plan with printable grocery list, let me know if you tried any of the recipes from last week! The enchilada chili was DELICIOUS and seriously took less then 15 minutes to put together, top with tortilla chips, cheddar cheese and some hot sauce, yum! You can grab that recipe in this post: Meal Plan Week 1.

Weekend Wrap-Up: Easy Homemade Pizza Making & More

Monday, January 28, 2019

Happy Monday! School was canceled for today and the little ladies and I are prepared to stay cozied up for another cold and snowy day in Chicago. We are under a severe weather warning, preparing for up to TEN inches of snow and some record lows later in the week, as in -25, so needless to say, we won't be taking any big adventures this week!

This weekend we were still pretty much home bound, Isla picked up another fever virus, our poor little lady just can't catch a break! Saturday morning we were up bright and early for ballet, I was able to capture some super sweet photos of Avery and Emmy, don't they look like little college girls!?

Friday Favorites: This and That Edt.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Woo hoo! Time for another Friday Favorites, this week I'm sharing a random assortment of photos from our week and some things we are currently loving. The weather in Chicago is COLD, icy and snowy, poor Isla has come down with another virus and we are just hoping to enter the weekend with three healthy little ladies.

One: I was able to snap a few photos of Isla this week, I'm hoping to have a few photo sessions within these next few weeks instead of hiring a professional this time around. Let me tell you, as if we all didn't already love and respect out favorite photographers, taking photos of a BUSY almost one year old is a full body workout!

Two: And for a little blog post round-up, this week:

  •  I was able to answer a few questions about myself, just in case you were wondering who the Mama behind the camera was! You can read that post here: Ten Questions- About Me

  • I also shared a little Organizing 101: 6 Ways to Use a 3-Tier Cart, all the Mama's were loving the art cart option, I'll be sharing more photos of this option as I switch things up. You can read that post here: Organizing 101: 6 Ways to Style a 3-Tier Cart

  • Finally, I am going to be sharing our weekly meal plan with a free shopping list printable, so each week make sure you stop by and print out the shopping list if you want an EASY list of weekly dinners! You can read that post here: Meal Planning (1)

Three: If you are looking for a way to beat "Cabin Fever" I highly recommend finding somewhere where you can take the kiddos to SWIM! We signed-up Avery for swim lessons through our local YMCA and while she takes the lesson, Scott swims with the other little ladies and it is such a highlight of our week! We are also amazed at how far Avery has come with her swimming, she can tread water AND is even starting to learn the front crawl/freestyle, we just love watching her!

  • Mom Tip: We bring the girls pj's, give them a quick shower in the family locker room, put on their pj's, that way when we get home, it's time for dinner and off to bed they go! They always fall asleep in a snap after a full hour of swimming fun, everybody wins!

Four: I may just be OVER these cold Chicago winters, but I am already dreaming about summer and our upcoming Disney trip in May! Have you seen the ADORABLE swimsuits that Target already has out for the littles? I could just scoop-up one of each they are SO cute! Speaking of swimsuits, where is your favorite place to shop swimwear for yourself!? I had the best luck with Target last year and also ordered a two piece from the brand Cup She off of Amazon, which I also liked, but was a little skimpy in the rear area ;) Linking some of my favorite Mommy & Little Lady swimwear below!

Five: Let's talk The Bachelor! Who are your front runners? I think Hannah (non pageant version) and Cassie seem super sweet and I'm am SO wondering what the beef is between the two beauty pageant ladies! I was thinking I was team pageant Hannah, until that super creepy growl she did at the pool party!? I can't help but to think the two of them just don't get along and it's really nothing more serious then some girl drama!? Also, seeing the contestants ages on their interviews is making me feel like an old lady. Do you read Sheaffer Told Me To Bachelor recaps, they always make me giggle! One of my girlfriends also told me about the Podcast Rose Pricks, which is definitely NOT kid friendly, but also provides a good laugh!

Sheaffer Told Me To The Bachelor Episode 3:  I Love a Good Emotional Spiral

Image from Sheaffer Told Me To: Read her recap HERE

Have the BEST weekend, I'm so excited to share some awesome posts on my blog next week, I'll be sharing a brand new Coffee Chat series featuring another amazing Mama! Can't wait for you to meet her, let me know what you're up to this weekend in my comments, see you next week!

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What's Cookin': Meal Plan Week 1

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Happy Wednesday friends, halfway closer to the weekend! I am trying my hardest to sit down and meal plan on Sunday's with Scott. We had gotten into such a bad habit of last minute trying to throw something together and often eating after the little ladies went to sleep, which meant Mama was #hangry by the time I sat down to eat! So, I'm proud to announce that we actually meal planned this past Sunday, went to the grocery store AND bonus, have sat down as a family in the dining room for our dinners this week and it feels SO nice!

I figured I would share our weekly menu with all my friends on Wednesdays, just in case you would like to use our meal plan and FREE SHOPPING PRINTABLE for your following week. Now, let me clarify, just because we meal plan does not mean things are about to get FANCY over here, we like to stick with the basics! I also try to think of meals that I can "un-do" for my little ladies, which means I don't need to think of a little something extra for them. My goal is to add in one new recipe each week and we like to treat ourselves to take-out once or twice on the weekends!

I keep meal planning super simple, I use a magnetic notepad that I stick to the fridge (usually from the Target dollar spot) and like to pick recipes from one cookbook for a month or so. This month I am working from Mix & Match Mama's Eats: Crazy Good Go- To Meals, this is such a great cookbook because the recipes are really user friendly, fast to prep and include easy to shop for ingredients. A lot of her recipes are twists on our favorite classics, which I always love! Bonus, Shay posts a lot of recipes on her blog, so I'm able to share a few of the recipes I'm making this week with you!

Mix and Match Mama Eats

Image used with permission from: Mix & Match Mama

Here is what the Snyder Family is eating this week:

Monday: Ground Turkey Tacos- I LOVE eating these with the Guiltless Guac from Trader Joe's, have you tried it!? It's delicious! We also love Trader Joe's fresh pico de gallo, it makes our tacos feel fancy.
  • Little Ladies: My girls love "un-done" tacos, meaning they eat all the ingredients separate. I have also discovered "Street Taco" sized tortillas which are awesome for littles AND adults when it comes to limiting carbs. Isla LOVES ground turkey taco meat and literally shakes with excitement when we put some on her tray, yasss girl! 

Tuesday: Taco Salad- Using all the ingredients from the night before, just throwing it over lettuce, adding some crushed up tortilla chips, avocado and a little salad dressing of your choice!
  • Mom Tip: I make a BIG batch of the ground turkey taco meat WHILE I am making lunch for my little ladies. That way at dinner time all we have to do is heat it up and enjoy! The mess has already been cleaned up and it makes things way less chaotic. 

Wednesday: Mom's Meatloaf (MOMMM, the meatloaf!!!) w/mashed potatoes & side salad. This is one of the recipes I'm making from Mix & Match Mama's cookbook, it's on page 60 if you have the cookbook too! Bonus, this recipe is on her blog, you can read it here!

Image used with permission from: Mix & Match Mama

Thursday: Leftovers- Are you a fan of leftovers!? I'm kind of picky when it comes to leftovers, but tacos any day of the week sounds good to me! I'm also lucky that my husband refuses to throw away any food and is more then happy to eat up whatever we have leftover. On a night like this, I may default to a quick and easy favorite of the little ladies like chicken nuggets or Trader Joe's fish sticks!

Friday: Take-Out- Friday night is Mama's night OFF! Scott and I usually try to grab something once we get the little ladies down for bed, it's kind of our make shift date night during this season of life. The funny thing is, I like to treat myself to something like sushi and he likes to grab a burger and fries, in our house, everyone wins!

Saturday: Homemade Pizzas- Have you tried the Trader Joe's pizza dough? Not the one in the freezer section, but the one that comes in a legit dough ball? It's delicious! They even offer a Gluten Free version if your family has some food restrictions. The little ladies love making their own personal pizzas with cheese, sauce and turkey pepperoni. I'm going to get fancy and make a sauceless pizza for Scott and I- EVOO & garlic crust, topped with arugula, squeeze of lemon juice, salt/pepper and burrata, SO good! You can find burrata at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, it can also be found in the deli section in some grocery stores.

Sunday: Enchilada Chili- This is another new recipe for me, again if you have the "Eat's" cookbook it's on pg. 158, but you can also find it here on Mix & Match Mama's website! I'm excited to try this one, I think the enchilada sauce will give it a nice kick and I'm planning on using ground turkey instead of beef.
  • Little Ladies: My girls aren't big chili eaters, of course they gobbled it up as baby, but now they think it looks "yucky," I'll set aside some of the prepped ground turkey and add it to marinara sauce for them, because it's not a week in our house if the little ladies don't eat pasta!

Image used with permission from: Mix & Match Mama

Bonus- Mama's Lunch; I try to make a big batch of something early in the week that I can easily heat up while the littles are napping, this way I don't default to just eating their leftover lunch scraps. This week I'm stirring up a batch of 21 Day Fix chili that I found on Pinterest, you can find it on my Pinterest board.

Click HERE for the FREE SHOPPING PRINTABLE- Meal Planning and grocery list are all prepped for you girlfriends, just add your weekly basics to the list and you are ready for a week of good eats!

I'm also happy to email this to you in a PDF version, just email me at brittany.snyderfamilyco@gmail.com

There ya have it friends, a whole week of meal prep/planning, let me know if you try any of these Mix & Match Mama recipes AND please link-up any of your favorite quick and easy dinner recipes in my comments.

Are you following me on Pinterest? I have fallen in love with "pinning" again and have so many delicious recipes saved on my Recipes: Dinner board!

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Organizing 101: 6 Ways to Style a 3-Tier Cart

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I have been loving brainstorming posts for my "101" series, truth be told I really love a good organization project! Our house is just the right size for our family, but we don't have a ton of unused space or storage, if you are in the same boat as I am, I have the best affordable and functional solution for you! Have you seen those super popular 3-tier utility carts during your recent Homegoods trip? Well, do yourself a favor and throw one in your cart the next time you are out! For around $50, there are endless options on how you can utilize your cart in your home, saving you space and giving you more storage!

Here are SIX ways to use your cart, make sure to leave a comment if you use one of these in your home too and if you're new here, take a peek at my other "101 series" posts!

1. Art Cart- When I first bought my cart, it was for this very purpose! I LOVE when my girls sit down at their table to create, but when all of the supplies are out, it can feel super chaotic. I like to rotate out the supplies I keep on here, limiting the supplies helps to engage my little ladies and lets them focus a little bit better while playing too. It also makes clean up SUPER easy!

2. Office Cart- We don't have a designated office or office space in our home, so this is such a nice way for me to organize everything I need access to on a day-to-day basis. When I get a few minutes of down time, I can roll this on over to the dining room table and get to work. I tuck this away in the laundry room when I'm not using it and this also doubles as our "drop" spot for mail!

3. Coffee Cart- This is such a great option if you are hosting a party and need some extra counter space! Clear your coffee maker off your counter and set-up a mobile coffee bar. I suggest placing this near your dessert area, which for me, is typically on the buffet in our dining room. You can add a ton of seasonal touches, or just keep things simple and stick to the basics.

4. Diaper Cart- I posted about this in my Nursery Organization 101 post, if you have a smaller space for a nursery, don't take up precious dresser space for diapers, wipes, etc., I suggest  picking a cart on wheels too, that way you can move it from room to room. Plus, it serves as really cute functional decor, add an accent basket, your favorite books and allow easy access to some of your most used supplies.

5. Bar Cart- My poor husband will be waiting quite a while until he has his "man cave," for now, he gets to keep his favorite spirits on our bar cart in the dining room. This is also a great piece to have out during a party for your beverages, saving more of that precious counter space.

P.S. The front low ball glasses are etched with important dates, I have bought them for Scott on various occasions and we refer to them as our toasting glasses. His collection includes our engagement date, wedding date and each of the girls' birthdays, they would make the best Valentine's Day gift! 

6. Make-Up/Hair Cart- Last but not least, with three little ladies in our family, I know that bathroom space will be highly sought after! I could totally see my girls having a cart like this in their room with all of their hair and one day make-up supplies.

We are now the proud owners of FOUR carts in our home and they have been such a great solution to storage space, plus the options are endless! Thanks for stopping by today and if you want to keep up with more of our daily adventures, follow us on Instagram: @snyderfamilyco.

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