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What's Cooking: Holiday Baking

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Each year the girls and I set aside a day near Christmas to bake cookies with Nana (my Mom). This week, we put on our Christmas pajamas, or our princess nightgown (ahem, Emmy) and made our three favorite cookies. Every year we make Kiss cookies, Peanut Butter cup cookies and Spritz cookies. 

A little Mom hack, while it would be all butterflies and rainbows if I had the actual time (and patience) to make each type completely by scratch, we "cheat" and use Nestle or Pillsbury pre-made cookie dough for our Kiss and Peanut Butter cup cookies. Honestly, it allows me to enjoy making cookies more with my little ladies, it makes it simple and not stressful! As a Mom, you have these visions of how certain moments are suppose to go... well what I have learned in the past five years, is that, that vision is probably not going to go exactly how I have it all thought out in my head. But, when I simplify things, it makes it easier to manage and I enjoy the moment so. much. more. Mom hacks were created for a reason, to make our lives easier, so don't be afraid to incorporate a Mom hack or two, even while baking with your squad. 

Wondering how the girls were able to help us? They were the candy un-wrappers and dough ball rollers, along with quality control, their favorite job! We had a wonderful day at Nana's house and the girls are so excited to share the cookies we made with our family on Christmas. 

Emmy's Nightgown (Amazon) / Polka Dot Thermal (Old Navy: Similar) / Bowl (Portmeirion)

Avery's PJ's (Matilda Jane) / Hair Bow (Amazon)

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