5f999ceca8b79e1616fac8d7eedc39c4 The Snyder Family: July 2017

Strawberry Fields Forever

Monday, July 10, 2017

I love starting new traditions with our family and this summer we finally made a visit to Stade's Farm for raspberry and strawberry picking. The girls had so much fun picking, especially because this fruit is right at their level, so they could really get in on the fun. Emmy lost interest much faster than Avery, but was happy as can be climbing on and off of a nearby bench while Avery picked her way through the fields. We filled up two large buckets of strawberries and one large container of raspberries and ate quite a few "samples" while picking. Nana was able to make the trip with us, which always makes our adventures more fun. We ended the day with donuts and a strawberry slushie from the Farmstand shop, it was a perfect summer morning and we can't wait to visit Stade's again next year!

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