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3 Things: February 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Avery: 3 Years

1.  Your imagination is incredible, you love to play school, Costco, puppies, birthday party, you are so much fun to play with, we love hearing all of the amazing ideas you come up with! 
2.  Your empathy for others is shown in everything you do- if someone is shy at dance you try to encourage them and include them, if a friend falls down while playing, you are the first to run over and make sure they are ok, it truly is one of your best qualities. 
3. You got a "big girl" bed this month and you transitioned perfectly! You got to pick out your new sheets (ice cream cones) and love having a night stand next to your bed for all of your necessities: kleenex, water, night light, tea set and your collection of Pinkalicious books. 

Emerson: 13 Months 

1. You understand everything,  you amaze us- if we ask you to get your shoes, coat, a fresh diaper, your teddy bear, etc. you know exactly what we are asking and will try your hardest to complete the task with no help. Watching you try to put on a sock or shoe might be one of my favorite things ever.
2.  You don't. stop. moving. Seriously, the second you open your eyes in the morning you take off running. I have never seen a 13 month old legitimately RUN until I met you! 
3.  You love playing outside, we have gotten extremely lucky with some warm February weather and you adore being outside. In fact, if anyone even opens the door to outside and doesn't take you with, you are devastated. I can't wait to spend time outside together this spring and summer. 

Photos from Emerson's 1 year photo shoot at Emily Hernandez Photography

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