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Strawberry Fields Forever

Monday, July 10, 2017

I love starting new traditions with our family and this summer we finally made a visit to Stade's Farm for raspberry and strawberry picking. The girls had so much fun picking, especially because this fruit is right at their level, so they could really get in on the fun. Emmy lost interest much faster than Avery, but was happy as can be climbing on and off of a nearby bench while Avery picked her way through the fields. We filled up two large buckets of strawberries and one large container of raspberries and ate quite a few "samples" while picking. Nana was able to make the trip with us, which always makes our adventures more fun. We ended the day with donuts and a strawberry slushie from the Farmstand shop, it was a perfect summer morning and we can't wait to visit Stade's again next year!

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3 Things: June 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Avery: 3.5 years old, going on 18
  1.  You had your very first dance recital last month and my goodness did you shine! It amazes me that you were not the least bit nervous or scared, you walked right out onto that dark stage and when the lights turned on you were all smiles performing your ballet number. You danced to The Lonely Goatherd from the Sound of Music, it was definitely a moment I've been anticipating since the day I found out you were a girl! 
  2.  Trolls... Trolls have invaded our home, you are absolutely obsessed with the movie! You adore Princess Poppy and have decided that when you grow up, you would like to be a Troll. I'm trying to convince you to settle on just dressing up as Princess Poppy for Halloween. 
  3. We recently moved around some furniture in you room and you have self designated a small drawer as your "treasure drawer." A few items that I have found tucked away in your drawer include: my Costco membership card (no idea how you got your hands on that), receipts, jewelry, rocks, my make-up...  

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Emerson: 17 Months, going on 16
  1. Girlfriend, you are LIVING the snack life! You truly never stop eating, the second you see someone in the kitchen you are right there next to them, grunting until they hand you a little piece of whatever they are prepping. 
  2. You LOVE to dance, every other morning you go in the drawer where you keep our speaker and request the Moana soundtrack. Your favorite dance move includes you spinning around ten times while clapping, we love to cheer you on! You also like to pull out the video camera when you do this and hand it to Daddy, I guess you want these signature moves documented. 
  3. You are SO active and the things you can do at 17 months really does blow our minds away, you can climb up the slide and go down completely by yourself, get up on the mini-trampoline and bounce away, throw a basketball into the hoop, we can't help but think you will be a little athlete one day! 

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Summer Bucket List 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Memorial Day weekend always seems to be the kick-off to summer for our family so I thought now would be the perfect time to come up with our Summer Bucket List, here are some of the things we have on our list for this summer: 

Go to the Beach 
Have a Picnic at Paulus Park 
Sign-Up for the Library Reading Program 
Lunch Date with Daddy
Explore Cuba Marsh
Go Strawberry Picking with Friends 
Visit the Milwaukee Zoo with Nana and Pop Pop
Listen to a Concert at the Botanical Gardens with Mimi and Grampy 
Take a trip to the Children's Museum 
Travel to Lake Geneva 
Plant a Vegetable Garden
Visit Brookfield Zoo with our Friends 
Splash at the Splash Pad
Explore the City with Aunt Lolo and Stephen
Host a BBQ with New Friends

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Girl Talk: Emmy (pt. 1)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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I love Emmy's current age, 16 months, she is on the verge of a massive vocabulary burst, it's so fun to hear all the new words and sounds she is saying, here is a list of some of the words Emerson says:

- Mama
- Da (Daddy)
- Ah-re (Avery)
- Dog
- Bubble (so random)
- Boo (blue)
- Boo (peek-a-boo)
- Hi
- Mo (more)
- Tank- ew (thank you)
- Cookie
- Dis (this)
- Der (there)
- Up
-Ta da!

Emmy also loves to wave "hi" and "bye-bye" and my all time favorite, blow kisses! She is just so scrumptious at this age, I wish I could freeze time!

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A Day at the Zoo

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We had the very best time on Saturday at the Zoo. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and all of the animals were so active, it truly was one of our best Zoo trips to date! Some of the highlights included:

  • - Emmy pointing and grunting at EVERYTHING, from the animals, to garbage cans, to people walking by, girlfriend wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything! 
  • - Avery was obsessed with looking for goose poop on the walking paths.
  • - Speaking of geese, there was a huge flock of them wandering around the picnic area, which naturally made me a nervous wreck. In fact, the next day Avery said, "Daddy, remember when Mommy was so scared of the geese at the zoo." 
  • - Collectively, I think our favorite animals this trip were the Giraffes and the Gorillas, they were both just SO active! We got to watch the Gorilla's eat their lunch and my favorite, the baby Gorilla just crawling all over the Mama. 

I think what made this visit extra fun was the fact that Emmy is just that much older, she was really able to walk around and notice the animals. I LOVE watching the girls take in moments like these, I can only imagine what it's like through their eyes. 

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Sweet Sisters

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Simple moments, just like these are the movements that I find myself staring at while I'm at work, away from my babies. It might not happen often, but quiet simple moments, with no distractions, just two sisters coloring and being sweet are by far my most favorite. I especially love noticing all of their little features in these photos, Emmy's little piggy toes and the way Avery has her little feet crossed, I'm so incredibly happy that God chose me to be their Mama. 

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Welcome to 30

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This month I celebrated a milestone birthday, 30! Scott planned the most perfect pre-birthday day, as I had to work on my actual birthday (the Monday after Spring Break, lucky me). It was filled with all of my favorite things: him, the girls, coffee, massages, sushi date and a movie. I was also showered with all sorts of birthday love and other fun outings, that I honestly hardly feel worthy of! I just feel so incredibly happy and blessed to be exactly where I am at 30. While it feels almost impossible that my 20's are already behind me, I am so hopeful and exited to see what this next decade has in store for me. Let's see what you've got 30's, you have a tough act to follow.

Also, I'm pretty sure when I close my eyes ten years from now and think about what life looked like at 30, this is what I'm going to picture...

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Emerson: 15 Months

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sweet baby Emerson, how can you possibly already be 15 months old. I think the most exciting part of your development in the past few months has been watching your vocabulary grow. You are making so many new sounds and consistently making the same sounds for certain objects. A few of my favorite things you say are: Mama (of course), Dada (which you say the most often), Avery (Ahhhvvv), dog, bubble (so random), bye, more (mo) and I swear you said thank you (tank-ew) the other day. You are also constantly laughing, laughing to yourself, coming up to us and just laughing and making a silly face, you are just the happiest little love.

This past week over Spring Break I did my best to slow down and really watch you- watch you play, eat, observe the world around you and just soaked in all your sweetness. People still comment on what an easy baby you were/are- you are just always smiling! Another thing you started to do more of this month is dance. Just like your older sister, whenever you are happy or excited you do this little dance, but you added an extra arm movement and spin to Avery's signature wiggle. It is seriously the most adorable thing ever. Mama loves you so much Miss Emerson Elizabeth and am already so proud of the little lady you are becoming.

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These images were also my first attempt at editing using Light Room- I have NO idea what I'm doing... but I'm having fun learning. 

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Avery's First Haircut

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Over Spring Break, Avery got her first official hair cut. We went to an adorable salon near Nana and Pop Pop's house, where she got the royal treatment. Between the fancy purple car chair, Disney Jr. playing on a personal TV and the promise of a treat from a treasure box, Avery didn't blink an eye and happily climbed right into the chair to start her haircut. She sat so perfectly still the entire time and loved looking at herself in the mirror. I can't help but tear up (as usual) at how old she looks in these pictures, however I did included a few photos that still SO clearly show off that perfect little baby face. 

My sweet Avery, I hope you are always proud of your curls and most importantly, I hope you always smile back at your beautiful reflection. 

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P.S. If you're wondering how we kept our littlest wild woman still, see the photo below.

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Girl Talk: Avery (pt. 1)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Some of our favorite current Avery quotes:  

Opening a smoothie. 

A: Open sesame seed!

During our endless bedtime routine. 
A: Ok, now Mommy you lay here and pretend to sleep, I'm going to go downstairs and make our lunches.

After I said "I love you" 
A: I love you so much Mama- I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna cry so bad.

While playing "shoe store" with a (tired) Daddy in the basement. 
(Scott laying on the floor) 

Approximately 8:00 p.m., which means Avery should be sleeping. 
A: Mommy, I need to go get something from downstairs, it's my chocolate bar, I need it, it's just so special to me.

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Luck of the Irish

Sunday, March 19, 2017

St. Patrick's Day 2017 was spent in White Fish Bay, WI with the whole Sharpe family. Four kids under three means: endless amounts of running and screaming, apple sauce pouches (10 boxes from Trader Joe's to be exact), all day snacking and other random insanity. While the guys headed to the NCAA basketball tournament, the girls and kiddos spent time at home, playing and eating our way through Wisconsin. We were also able to squeeze in a delicious brunch at Cafe Benelux while Nana and Pop-Pop held down the fort and the girls got to sneak away to do a little shopping too. It was a memorable weekend full of food, fun and laughter- we can't wait to see our cousins again soon!

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Sick Day

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The amount of sick days we have taken off from work this year is honestly insane. Between Avery & Emerson, it seems like we take a day off every other week. There is nothing I hate more than seeing either one of my girls sick, however, the silver lining of those days off is that we get special one-on-one time together. That one-on-one time is so rare and precious to me, I love being able to focus in on what makes each of my girls so unique and special. Even on these hard days, I feel so blessed to be their mother.

Now, please excuse me while I go bathe our home in Lysol.

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This Is: Saturday

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017 

8:30- Ballet

10:30- Baking King Cake with Nana and PopPop

12:30- Snuggle time with PopPop

1:00- Decorating for Easter

3:30- Snake time after nap

5:00- Taste testing King Cake 

Oh dear Saturday, we can't wait to see you again... 

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